Osage Beach, Mo
Lake of the Ozarks

What is Frozen Custard?

  • It's Ice Cream
  • It's Ice Cream made FRESH  all day, every day
  • It's Ice Cream made in plain sight for you to see
  • It's Ice Cream that is CREAMY and SMOOTH!
  • It's the Best Ice Cream you may never have had!

Never had Frozen Custard?? You're not alone. Frozen Custard is hard to find in, but the authentic stuff is available at Randy's Frozen Custard...a. "Sweet Bliss" to quote one customer. Come on by. You've GOTTA try it!!!! You won't go back to hard or soft-serve ice cream.

But, that doesn't necessarily mean they know WHAT Frozen Custard is....what really differentiates it from other ice creams.

If you see frozen custard advertised and it is not being made like this, then you are not enjoying authentic frozen custard! It must be made fresh as to the left and scooped, not swirled.

The Facts

To understand the reason for the great taste of Frozen Custard is to understand the ingredients required for it to be authentic. Frozen Custard must contain at least 10% butterfat and 1.4% egg yolk. Frozen Custard achieves its creaminess through a production process that produces less air ("overrun") and fewer ice crystals than traditional ice cream. 

By comparison, traditional ice cream must also contain 10% butterfat. Greater richness of the traditional  ice creams is often achieved by using higher percentages of butterfat. Some of the gourmet ice creams contain as much as 17% or more butterfat. 

 In addition, the amount of air beaten into Frozen Custard is about 20%. This percentage of air is called "overrun." Traditional ice cream can have as much as 100% overrun. Or, in other words, the volume will double due to the amount of air in the final product. The more air the ice cream has, the coarser the texture of the ice cream due to the size of ice crystals. Because Frozen Custard has such a low "overrun,"  there are fewer ice crystals in the product. 

The result is an extremely clean and smooth taste sensation that is said to be creamier than ice creams that have a higher butterfat content. One person has been quoted as describing Frozen Custard as it "Looks like soft serve, tastes, like silk!" We couldn't agree more. 

In keeping with the  Frozen Custard tradition, at Randy's we make our Frozen Custard, using the best available and freshest ingredients, all day, every day. 

Frozen Custard History

....a Chicago original.

Frozen custard is a gourmet ice cream treat that first originated on Coney Island, NY as a carnival treat at the turn of the century. The popularity of Frozen Custard quickly grew and was the rage of the east coast resort areas. In 1933, Chicago was responsible for bringing Frozen Custard to the midwest for the World's Fair. After the fair, frozen custard became wildly popular in towns like Milwaukee, St. Louis, Kansas City and Lafayette, Indiana. But, it pretty much disappeared from Chicago.

Now, Randy's has brought Frozen Custard back to the Lake of the Ozarks where it rightfully belongs. And, we are actually using the same dairy that provided the custard to the 1933 World's Fair to insure that our product is authentic.